Hackney began as a wagon manufacturer in Wilson, North Carolina back in 1854 and was one of the two largest wagon builders in the country until the invention of the automobile. Ever since, Hackney has been one of the leading manufacturers of truck bodies and trailers across multiple industries.

Even almost 170 years later, Hackney remains a top manufacturer for truck bodies and trailers with a continued emphasis on quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

We have been a mainstay in sideload industries for nearly a century; providing delivery solutions for some of America’s greatest brands. Whatever your company needs or demands, Hackney can build it. We routinely create solutions for beverage, water, battery, and other delivery companies with bodies ranging from large trailers two small van kits.

Our bodies were designed in the field where the action is, with critical input from service oriented Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical contractors nationwide.  Hackney’s 2000 series “Supertruck” blends a mix of functional utility, outstanding inventory control, highly flexible interiors and shelving, sharp appearance, impressive structural integrity and exceptional longevity. Our body is widely considered the best in the business both because of it’s usability and it’s longevity – some of these on the road are over 20 years old and still not close to retirement.

From conventional to pre-kitting, we have a variety of bodies available to meet vending delivery needs. Options such as walk-in access, side load retrieval, and refrigeration provide Hackney with the capabilities to make your business successful.

Our customers can count on us for their aftermarket needs. We can outfit your non-Hackney body with our shelving systems, provide you with repair parts, and set you up with Hackney branded accessories, all in one easy online shop.