Risk & Sustainability

Our corporate governance and enterprise risk management systems underpin the sustainability management process.

ST Engineering Hackney deploys the Enterprise Risk Management Framework of STE Engineering, our parent company, to identify the most important risks that will act as barriers to achieving its business goals in the short, medium and long term. It sets out a consistent definition of risk and risk tolerance limits to ensure that decision makers have a common understanding when identifying and assessing risks. The Framework also analyzes the financial and non-financial impact arising from sustainability issues. Besides business risks, risks arising from changes in the environment, social issues as well as governance are also identified.


ST Engineering Hackney has zero tolerance for fraud and corrupt practices and has a framework for combating fraud and corruption. Our senior management sets the tone and promotes an anti-fraud culture throughout the Company through a set of core values and the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Training on the Code is compulsory for all employees and is conducted at regular intervals. Contracts with independent service providers including agents, consultants and advisers, must include anti-corruption undertakings and representations as well as acknowledging our Anti-Corruption Policy.