Hackney Hackney

Vending Vehicles

There’s no smarter vending vehicle available than a Hackney Performer TM.  More room.  More options.  Better handling.  All at a price you don’t have to be a genius to see is the most competitive on the road. 

Don’t put off a wise decision.  Contact us today: 1-800-763-0700. www.hackneyvending.com

Total Access For Simplified Loading And Unloading

  • Load and unload from inside or out
  • Roll-up side doors offer instant access and limits need for extra space around vehicle
  • Lower load height for easier beverage handling; convenient rear entry for dock situations

Drop-Body Design For Improved Safety

  • Lower center of gravity for load means safer traveling
  • Rear walk-in access with lower step height and non-slip safety grill inset
  • Outside access to product on all three sides

Superior Layout For Improved Product Organization

  • Heaviest product secured at low height accessible from inside or out
  • Adjustable shelving allows for changing product mix
  • Bay configuration separates and contains product

Aluminum Construction For Greater Return On Investment

  • Lighter weight improves fuel economy and allows for greater payload
  • Durability means lower maintenance and extended service life
  • Body is fully remountable

Aesthetically Designed For Better Marketing Image

  • Streamlined appearance
  • Graphics on sides create “billboard effect”
VT Hackney
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