Hackney Hackney

Contractor Service - Plumbing Vehicles

When it comes to a plumbing service body, the P/2000 “Supertruck is the flagship of the Hackney fleet.

With infinitely adjustable track shelving and bin storage system, interior pipe and ladder racks, and pull-out ramp, the P/2000 is designed to meet the unique needs of service oriented plumbing contractors. It’s full width swing-out barn doors on the rear and lower 3 step recessed stepwell afford easy access to the  totally flexible interior possibilities.

The P/2000 mounts on most medium duty cab-over and conventional chassis.

Too much truck?  Then look at the P/1000 for a smaller version of the supertruck,  designed to pair up with a cutaway van style chassis. The P/1000 has most of the features of it's big brother in a smaller, more compact package.

VT Hackney
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