Linda Mann Plays A Pivotal Role In Customer Service

How long have you been working at Hackney?

“I started at the age of 21 in February of 1977, so 43 years.  I was first interviewed by Robert Hackney and he trained me for a customer service role on all the models, the nomenclature, and everything Hackney. My first job was to process stock units for beverage bodies.”

“Robert Hackney was the greatest teacher on how to create an order and add a supplement. He believed you needed to be thorough because of all the people in the company the order touched – accounting, engineering, production and the dispatcher. That order needed to be complete so everyone else could do their job.”

What is your current job today?

“My main focus is to concentrate on the customer units coming from the three sales managers I support.  I make sure the customer supplied items are available when the plant needs them and answer the phone for customers.  Every time you answer the phone you should put yourself in the customer’s place and treat them as you would like to be treated.  I help production verify orders and help identify the delivered chassis’.  It’s something different every day and it’s certainly not boring.“

“We are the pivot point between the different departments and the customers to keep the orders running smoothly.  Mr. Hackney always said, ‘The customer is always right’, so you have to make sure the customer is supported through all stages of building their units with the different departments.”

How has your job changed since Covid-19?

“Adjusting to working at home has been a challenge, but I’ve gotten better at it especially since it’s only every other week.  We are wearing masks, social distancing and taking temperatures daily.”

Linda has a full life working at Hackney, enjoying her family and church, which she says is important as her ‘center’.  Currently, her granddaughter, SaraBeth age 12, lives with her and their two dogs, Boomer and Kippie.  Widowed in early 2016, she has two sons, Brandon and Brent and a grandson, Grayson who is 1-year-old.  Linda gives credit to a previous Hackney president, Mike Tucker, for introducing her to her favorite game, Suduko.  Other hobbies include singing in the church choir, playing the piano, enjoying the sun, and yard sales. She has even gotten her granddaughter into bargain hunting at yard sales and claims she is quite good!  Prior to Covid-19 she played piano in a local nursing home once a month and looks forward to returning.