Our Parent Company

VT Hackney is the engineering leader for over 60 years in designing and building custom truck bodies, refrigerated truck bodies and trailers that service multi-stop beverage, food service distributors, vending, utility, construction trade, and emergency/rescue markets throughout the world.

VT Hackney prides itself in providing the best value engineered vehicle in the market today while providing for continued growth, customer appreciation and employee satisfaction.

Our aim is to work with customers to solve their distribution challenges. We take the approach to view each customer order as a blank sheet and engineer a vehicle around specific needs to optimize delivery performance while enhancing driver safety. With our extensive customer base and our ability to satisfy customers, we take pride in establishing and cultivating long-term relationships.

This web site provides a closer look at our products and services we provide. If you have a need for vehicles that you do not see on our site, please contact us; we will be glad to understand your specifications and provide you with a vehicle that delivers both products to your customers, and pride to your organization

VT Hackney
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