Since 1946, Hackney has specialized in route delivery vehicles. Hackney designs and builds all their vehicles which are the most innovative, highest quality, and longest lasting route vehicles on the road, as tens of thousands of units still in operation can attest.

Hackney is the World's largest producer of side-loader, overhead door truck bodies and trailers. Hackney was founded in 1946 by James A. Hackney and his son James A. Hackney, Jr. based on a family heritage in the transportation industry dating back to the 1600's in England.

Soon after opening for business in 1946, the company quickly began specializing in truck bodies for delivery of consumer beverages. The overriding emphasis at Hackney was predicated on innovation, quality, and customer service at a competitive price. It's a tradition that continues today.

The introduction of the first lightweight, all-aluminum side-load, roll-up door body in the 1960's was met with an exploded demand. The industry soon found that the unique engineering design of the all-aluminum body was stronger than traditional steel structured bodies. The lighter weight permitted a much greater payload capacity. The huge demand prompted the construction of a second, more modern manufacturing plant in Independence, Kansas in 1972.  The new plant location strategically positioned Hackney for expansion into the western United States. By the mid-1980's, Hackney's national market share in beverage bodies exceeded 70%.

Emergency Vehicles

In 1984 Hackney built its first dedicated fire apparatus, at the time referenced as an Emergency Support Vehicle (ESV). The request came from the Salem, Oregon Fire Department after determining the beverage delivery truck that made deliveries to the stations each week had much more storage capacity and was easier to access than any conventional fire rescue body on the market.

Salem, along with numerous other fire departments across America, convinced Hackney that there was a rapidly growing need for a new generation of fire apparatus to handle the increasing amount of equipment transportation needs within fire and emergency services.

A separate division was established soon thereafter for the sole purpose of manufacturing emergency vehicles and fire apparatus and thus was born the Hackney ESV.

Hackney International

In 1992 the global division of Hackney was formed to make Hackney products available to beverage companies outside of the United States. Since its inception, more than 7,000 aluminum beverage truck bodies have been delivered to users in more than 60 countries through an international network of 24 licensed manufacturers.

Contractor Service & Specialty Vehicles

To fill the need for specialized vending and plumbing trucks, Hackney introduced the Performer lines in 1993. Performer is the result of extensive market research. Hackney interviewed service contractors, made site visits, and made numerous service calls before developing the Performer lines. The homework paid off, and Hackney is proud to provide long-awaited solutions to all service needs, including: infinitely adjustable shelving for specific needs; interior ladder racks; a low center of gravity; lighter weight; increased durability; and much more.

Numerous new technologies originated from Hackney and remain to set the standards in the industry. Hackney manufactures in excess of 25,000 roll-up doors each year and was the originator of roll-up technology for truck bodies in the United States. The Hackney unique H-Drop frame is 2.8 times stronger than factory specifications. Hackney has specialized in this type of frame modification for over 40 years.

Hackney's production is handled in two North American manufacturing facilities: Washington, NC and Independence, KS. These two facilities are also used for refurbishing. Hackney also has many regional locations so customers have a service location nearby for any need.

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